Doug and I had another fun date on Friday! Plan A went out the window thanks to *more* rain, but the backup plan came through for us. We did dinner and a movie. We tried to go to Iron Cactus downtown, but there was so much traffic that by the time we got down there we wouldn't have had time to wait and then eat and still get to the movie on time. So we wandered a little and ended up at Hut's Hamburgers where we were seated immediately.

Excellent. The movie portion of the evening was at the Paramount - we saw the original 'Shaft' (1971). It was so terrible that it was great! Doug and I have been quoting it like dorks since Friday. It was a double feature and we stuck around for about half of the second film, which was a documentary called Wattstax. I won't try to explain it because I was rather tired by that point, but it was very interesting.

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