It is deliciously cold in Austin today! The high is 48 today, but it's supposed to be back up to nearly 80 tomorrow, so I'm enjoying the chill while it lasts. I hope our weather for Christmas is more like today than tomorrow!

If any of you are interested in seeing the family photos that we had taken this year, you can view them all here. Lila also had some photos taken in her birthday dress and Halloween costume recently (by a different place). Those were supposed to go online as well, but I never got a notification that it happened. I'll put up that link too, if I'm able to get it.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get my teeth cleaned, which I'm very mildly nervous about. Last time I went for a cleaning while pregnant, I nearly passed out. They put you in that chair and lean you so far back, so that they can get at your teeth more easily. I know why they do it, but my pregnant body didn't appreciate having all the blood rush to my head. You can pray with me that I make it through tomorrow's cleaning without any such problems.

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