my daughter, the comedienne

My child says the strangest things sometimes. For example, some of you know about her creative efforts to distract our attention from her poopie diapers. Well, she came up with a new one yesterday afternoon. I asked her if she had a poopie diaper (i could smell something odd) and she replied, "No, sank you. Just smell it - don' check it. Just smell it." Umm... okay.

This afternoon, she had a very sad nap wake-up. Sometimes that just happens and all that can be done is to sit and snuggle her for a long time, until she's ready to talk. If you try engaging her too soon, she'll just get bent out of shape. Anyway, I had been rocking with her for a long time and she finally perked up and started talking. I asked her if she was hungry and she said, "No, sank you. I just had pretend eggs." Umm... okay.

Oh, this is not a Lila story, but is amusing. I had a dream last night that I had my ultrasound (which is tomorrow, by the way) and found out that I was having triplets! Just before we went to bed, I was discussing my paranoia about having twins and I suppose that carried over into sleep. I'm pretty sure I also dreamed about kitties.

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