Wow, it's been so long since I posted a blog that I've kind of forgotten about the whole thing! I guess it doesn't help that the site wasn't working the last time I tried to make a post and then there was the long weekend and I rarely touch the computer on weekends... Anyway, I'm here now and I'm posting!

I'm also sneezing. And itching. It's taking most of my energy right now just to breathe and think. So I'm not going to have anything brilliant to say. I can tell you that my kitties are cute though. They are also the smartest cats in the world. So there.

I just finished up a pet sitting job that I was doing for several days for two dogs and two bunnies. The bunnies were really just cute and furry and didn't do much (except when i tried to feed them out of my hand and one of them kept chewing on my fingernail). The dogs were nuts though. One is a gigantic black lab and the other is a little cockapoo puppy. Totally nuts! I have rope burn on my ankle from one of our walking adventures where the little dog ran around in circles until the leash was wrapped around my ankle and then he kept on running. Ziiiiip!

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