My family is going to Schlitterbahn tomorrow. Yay! I (the opposite of) can't wait!

I mean, sure, we just spent an entire week at the beach. But going to a waterpark is in no way redundant. And, yes, this week is packed to overflowing with lessons and school and birthday activities. But what can it hurt to pile on a little more exhaustion, right?



*grin begins to slide off face*

Gypsy and the Birthday Girl
Aaaaanyway... My daughter turned 9 today. She is officially halfway through childhood (as defined by our culture). I'm pretty sure that I'm not okay with that. It's hard to believe that the chubby baby in those old photos is now this tall and gangly thing.

The way her birthday fell this year is a little unfortunate. Yesterday was the first day of school for Veritas, today was our first homeschool day and Lila's first horseback riding lesson, and tomorrow we're going to Shitter Schlitterbahn.

That doesn't leave a lot of room for the extra pomp and circumstance that I like to give my family members on their birthdays! And, I realized this evening, I didn't even remember to take Eli out to buy a gift for her. Oops!

BUT, Lila did get to start the day cinnamon rolls, both kids got all of their homework done, and Lila loved her first riding lesson. Now they are merrily disobeying our requests that they shower and get ready for bed.

In fact, I think Doug's about to put them under the running water with all their clothes on...

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