Feline Schizophrenia

I'm pretty sure that Cookie takes his orders from the ceiling fan in our bedroom.

It's beginning to concern me a little.

The cat has always been strange. I think it's from all those times that Eli hugged him a little too tight when he was a kitten.

But his relationship with the ceiling fan just started several months ago.

I'll find him sitting on our bed, staring up at it. Doesn't matter whether it is turned on or off. That seems to make no difference to him. Sometimes I'll be interacting with him on the bed - giving him scratches maybe - and he'll suddenly stop and look up, as though the fan just said something.

A couple of days ago, I was laid out on the bed, relaxing. Cookie came into the room and squeaked at me (he doesn't meow unless he's in the car). I patted the bed and called him to come up next to me. He jumped up on the bed, then crouched slightly and looked up at the fan, then jumped back onto the floor. It looked, for all the world, as though the fan had just told him to stay off the bed.

Creepy, right?

And it's only that one fan. We also have them in the playroom, kids' bedroom, and living room, but he pays no attention to those.

Can a cat be schizophrenic?

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