I watch entirely too much TV.

Using the phrase 'entirely too much' makes it sound like I care or that I want to watch less. In reality, that's not true. Here are my current Top 5 shows along with the number one reason why I love each one...

1. Big Bang Theory -

I have a secret crush on Sheldon Cooper.

2. The Soup -

It's actually a tie between my gratitude for how much they rag on Oprah and my gratitude for introducing the phrase, "Oh, here go hell come" into my vocabulary.

3. House -

Gregory House gets away with saying the things that the rest of us are thinking.

4. Bones -

David Boreanaz.

5. Criminal Minds -

It has shown me how to commit the perfect crime and fed my delusion that I can see into people's minds.

What does a photo of my son have to do with all this? Nothing. I just love this picture because he looks like he's pulling some wicked yo-yo move.

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Susan Jordan said...

I agree with yoour comment about "Bones". That's all you need to say. He is the best thing about a really good show!