I'm Back!

You know, I faithfully kept up this blog for six years (what?!?) before wimping out. I have already given all my Facebook/lame excuses for why. But I've come to realize what an important place this held in my life. There is a writer inside me that dreams of one day writing books. Since I don't have the time (or, let's be honest, the patience) for that at this stage of my life, my blog gives me a place to satisfy the writing itch in little spurts.

And I'm able to share much more meaningfully in this format than on Facebook. Yes, I update Facebook more often, but anything I want to say has to be limited to 420 characters. Not much room for embellishment there! And, most importantly, this blog is my baby book! I kept a real one for Lila's first year, but Eli has pretty much gotten the shaft.

I let his baby book fall to the wayside... well, from the start, really. This blog was where I always shared stories and development updates and posted the latest photos. Now there are at least four months of our lives that are lost in the vortex of Facebook updates. That's not okay with me - none of it is. And so I'm back. I'm not going to make any promises that I'm not sure I can keep, but it is my sincere INTENTION to begin posting regular updates here again.

For myself, if for no one else...

Oh, and this picture is the view from Grammie and Papa Joe's new front porch. Awesome!

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