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I went out for a late-night movie last night and saw, appropriately enough, 'Friday the 13th'. My review in four words: Don't waste your time. Rating: F-

I mean, I wasn't expecting anything amazing. This is Friday the 13th, Part 73, after all. But there was nothing remotely original about the plot. Several hedonistic young people go out into the woods and die horrible bloody deaths. Just like Parts 1 through 72. The sex was borderline pornographic. The language was foul. The horrible bloody deaths were... horrible and bloody. (that, at least, i expected.) The only redeeming quality was Jared Padaleki whom I have a soft spot for. He was also the only non-idiot in the movie.

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Anonymous said...

You're tougher than I am. The only remotely bloody movie I've seen on purpose in years was Sweeney Todd, and you know why I watched it. I take that back, I did see the end of Sean of the Dead. It was bloody but funny, at least to me.

BTW, is that a chocolate-induced stupor the boy is in?