There are moments in my day -- when my daughter says something that takes me by surprise and makes me laugh; when I pick up my son and he buries his head in my neck -- which leave me certain that I am the most wealthy woman I know.


Rhonda said...

HIIIIIIIIIII!!!! This is RHONDA JENKINS and I LOVE YOU!!!! i LOVE reading about your kids awwwww!!!!! Everything about your marriage family is absolutely the very best how inspiring! I am still so inspired by so many of you in Austin! I MISS YOU!!!

Rhonda said...

oh...i also wanted to share...i love those ___________<<<< insert kids name there <<<<< ISMS....two of my fave JESSE-ISMS are....HEY MOM, he said very frustrated...WILL YA QUIT SHRINKING MY PANTS!!! (he had just had a growth spurt) Another fave, was when Jesse said: "Mom...did you ever want to get on top of a mountain and say I AM HERE!!!!! I AM IMPORTANT!!!! haha sooo cute!!!