"That ain't no happy child!"

Eli is on the bed next to me, screaming. I would like to scream too. Unfortunately, we have small group members showing up any minute, so I should probably not be found in a state of hysteria when they arrive. This is what happens when I put him down for his last nap of the afternoon and he refuses to go to sleep. He cries for 45 minutes instead and then I have to get him back up because it's too close to bedtime for him to go to sleep anymore.

Within an hour, he's a screaming maniac. It's too early to put him to bed for the night; too late to put him down for a nap. So we just have to try and keep him happy until bedtime. That means that one of us must be holding him constantly and probably also bouncing around in some way.

I would really like to walk out the door right now and not come back until they are both asleep.

Please do not leave comments about how sweet my children are or platitudes about enjoying these days before they are gone as that is guaranteed NOT to improve my mood. You may, however, leave comments about how you have days like this too, and how you have considered selling your children to gypsies before.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether this will help or hinder but . . . I remember a very sweet little girl who hated to go to bed at night. She would stand in her crib crying and screaming "No!" and "Please don't!", leaving me scared to death that I was either going to hurt her or that the neighbors would think I already was and call the police. I don't remember specifically wanting to sell you to gypsies, but I feel pretty sure I considered giving you to your grandmother at least once when you were little. Remember the time you threatened to go live with her because I wouldn't let you hang my clean underwear on hangers in the closet when we were putting away clothes?


Melissa said...

Have no fear Angela, we've all had these days. I used to hide in our closet at night... Bryce's fussy time was about the time Wilson got home until her last feeding of the day and during that time Wilson usually had her because I had been with her all day. But since we didn't live in a mansion, I could still hear her crying so I would hide in our closet w/ slim hopes that it would help muffle her cries. Hope that helps, Miss you!
PS- I still have days that I want to hide in the closet =)

Anonymous said...

The hiding in the closet sounds like an excellent idea! I have no young children, but there are other people I would lik e hide from. Thanks for the idea!

Angela's Mom