cute and funny

You know, Lila says and does funny things all day long. But lately, when I sit down in front of the computer, I can't think of any of them! I do remember one funny story that I've been meaning to share...

On Friday, we were doing our grocery shopping when she suddenly said, "Mommy loves you!" Then she reached out and grabbed me (she was sitting in the cart) and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was super sweet! I turned back to the food and started shopping again (i believe i was trying to choose a bottle of soy sauce). Then, in her best monster voice, she said, "Gimme da kiss!" The next few minutes were spent with her demanding kisses in her monster voice and me giving them quite willingly. It was hilarious!

Another funny thing she's started doing is jumping jacks. We had some friends over on Saturday and they have a five-year-old son. While we were all hanging out in the back yard, he started doing jumping jacks and counting them. She thought it was really cool, so now, mostly when we're in the back yard, she'll start doing her version of jumping jacks and counting.

It would really be best if I could show you a video of how she does them, but try to picture this. She plants her feet far apart, bends her knees, leans forward at the hips, and swings her arms back and forth from out at her sides to in front of her. Too funny. And her counting is really good. She can actually count from 1 to 12, though she tends to forget the number 5.


irene peeler said...

Lila, you are sooooooooo adorable!
Tell Mommy to video you doing your jumping jacks!!!!

love from Grammie

Still Crazy said...

That is so sweet! She's a real Weety Spie!